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Top 15 things you should consider when thinking about SharePoint Online (Office 365)

  • Each My Site gets 500MB of personal storage. This amount cannot be adjusted.
  • The My Content part of a My Site is not provisioned until the user clicks on My Content from their My Profile page. After they do, a personal My Site site collection is created. This does not count against the 300 site collection limit as that applies to non-My Site site collections.
  • BCS within SharePoint Online does not support a direct connection to SQL Azure. A WCF endpoint is required. -- See next Blog on how to do this with WCF here http://www.sharepointfabian.com/blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=212
  • Access reporting is not supported by SharePoint Online Access Services because SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is not currently enabled for SharePoint Online. Access reporting requires SSRS.
  • SharePoint Online does not support auditing capabilities to log the opening and downloading of files in a document library.
  • SharePoint Online does not support PerformancePoint Services.
  • SharePoint Online does not support Excel Services and PowerPivot for SharePoint
  • PDFs and other types of files can potentially run scripts against sites. To prevent this security threat, SharePoint Online requires users to download those types of files. When the user tries to open a PDF document stored in a SharePoint Online document library, the user will see a “Save As…” window and must download the PDF file to their local directory.
  • SharePoint Online does support Enterprise Search, but does not currently support FAST Search.
  • Vanity URLs can only be applied to the public website. Customers cannot apply a vanity URL to an intranet zone site.
  • Editing the Public Website with SharePoint Designer is not supported. SharePoint Designer 2010 cannot be used to edit the public website. This site can only be edited with the built-in Site Designer tool. SharePoint Online only supports SharePoint Designer 2010.
  • SharePoint Online development patterns and practices are currently targeted at site collection level solutions.
  • “Server Resources” quota, what are used to determine amount of processing power available to Sandboxed Solutions, is determined by the number of licensed user seats in a company's tenancy. To calculate server resource quota in Office 365, you can use the following equation: (#seats×200) + 300.
  • SharePoint Online does not currently support customer use of Windows PowerShell for service administration.
  • You cannot create property based search scopes in Office 365 (SharePoint Online) -- Credit Wictor Wilen athttp://www.wictorwilen.se/Post/You-cannot-create-property-based-search-scopes-in-Office-365-SharePoint-Online.aspx
Things that Flat Out are not available in SharePoint Online but ARE available in SharePoint 2010 Server
  • Timer Jobs
  • BCS Profile Pages
  • Business Data Integration with the Office Client
  • Audit Opening and Downloading
  • Records Center
  • Word Automation Services
  • Business Intelligence Center
  • Chart Web Parts
  • Data Connection Library
  • Dashboards
  • Decomposition Tree
  • Advanced Content Processing
  • Tunable Relevance with Multiple Rank Profiles
  • Business Intelligence Indexing Connector
  • SharePoint 2010 Search Connector Framework
  • Deep Refinement
  • Federated Search
  • Query Suggestions, "Did You Mean?” and Related Queries
  • Relevancy Tuning
  • Rich Web Indexing
  • Similar Results
  • Thumbnails and Previews
  • Visual Best Bets
  • Advanced Sorting
  • Web Analytics



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