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Comparison between Server-side object model/Client object model/REST API(s) and Decision Matrix on what to use when

Server-Side Object Model

Client Object Model


·         Most extensive set of options to customize SharePoint 2010

·         Any Components consuming server-side object model needs to be deployed on the server

·         Slower Performance than Client OM and REST API(s)

·         Synchronous

·         Documentation:

o   Class Library

·         Client OM APIs are wrappers around a custom Web service that calls the server-side object model.

·         Better Performance than server-side OM

·         Asynchronous

·         Execute calls in a batch of commands

·         Limited options/types as compare to server-side OM

·         Designed to be used in the remote client –side components

·         Documentation:

o   Client Class Library

o   ECMAScript Library

·         Limited set of REST interfaces

·         Supports JSON(JavaScript Object Notation),Atom and AtomPub standards

·         Based on ADO.NET Data Services

·         Eliminated the need for intermediate layers between client and server by mapping  Read, create, update, and delete operations directly to GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE HTTP verbs

·         Interoperable

·         Documentation:

o   REST Interface


 Decision Matrix:


Reference: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/ff462048

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