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SharePoint Software Factory

Nueva versión de la extensión de Visual Studio para ayudarnos a programar en Sharepoint. http://spsf.codeplex.com



  • Menu "List And Doc": Linq to SharePoint (imports the schema of several lists to LINQ classes)
  • Menu "BCS": Simple BCS Model
  • Menu "BCS": Import BCS Model from Database
  • Menu "BCS": Model BCS Model with classes
  • Menu "BCS": Quick Deploy BCS Model (undeploys/deploys BCS model via powershell)
  • Menu "Security": Minimal CAS, Medium CAS, recipes for single CAS Policy Items etc.
  • Menu "ASP.NET": WCF Webservice
  • code snippets added, partly from http://spcodesnippets.codeplex.com Thx to Ayman El-Hattab (http://aymanelhattab.com)
  • Added custom FxCopDictionary to allow project specific exclusions for abbreviations, keyword, acronyns etc. Dictionary will be automatically used in Realase build configuration.



  • ParametersDefault.msbuild sets RestartIIS to false by default
  • ParametersDefault.msbuild updated sample structure to allow easy setup of multiple deployment environments
  • In selection form of fields or content types the group is displayed (e.g. for field "Title" there are 6 results and no difference)
  • SharePointVersions.xml with current version numbers
  • Added BCS extensions (DBML, BDCM) to function "IsExcludedExtension" to avoid that model layout is saved to the WSP file
  • Change default.aspx in site defition Team Site and Blank Site to version 2010
  • In feature selection dialog a existing feature of allowed scope is selected by default
  • StartDeploy.bat: Made verbosity for ULSLogger configurable (previously it was always diagnostic)

Ver algunos ejemplos: http://geeks.ms/blogs/lmanez/archive/2011/10/21/sharepoint-plantilla-para-visual-studio-sharepoint-sw-factory.aspx

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  1. The new VS2012 version of SPSF is out
    Download it directly from the VS Gallery http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/6daef348-197a-43f6-a091-95226e6ea5bc