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Display the sandboxed solutions service configuration settings

You can use this procedure to display the tiers that have been configured for the sandboxed solutions service and to display the worker processes, application domains and other properties that are currently configured for each tier. You can append this script to the script in the previous procedure, or you can use it as a stand-alone script.

#Loop through and show the user what exactly has been created


Write-Host "The following tiers have been created"
Write-Host "***********************************************************"

foreach($tier in $uc.Tiers)
{      Write-Host "Tier Name: $($tier.Name)"      Write-Host "Tier MaximumWorkerProcess: $($tier.MaximumWorkerProcesses)"      Write-Host "Tier MaximumConnectionsPerProcess: $($tier.MaximumConnectionsPerProcess)"      Write-Host "Tier MaximumAppDomainsPerProcess: $($tier.MaximumAppDomainsPerProcess)"
Write-Host "Tier PriorityPerProcess: $($tier.PriorityPerProcess)"      Write-Host "Tier ResourceMaxValue: $($tier.ResourceMaxValue)"      Write-Host "***********************************************************"
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