martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Detrás de escenas de una consulta de search en Sharepoint 2010

En los siguientes artículos encontrará una descripción de los pasos que se ejecutan detrás de una consulta de search en Sharepoint 2010.

En resumen:

1. A search is performed by a user

2. The WFE serving the call uses the associated search service application proxy to connect to a server running the Query and Site Settings Service also known as the Query Processor. It uses WCF for this communication.

3. The QP will connect to the following components to gather results merges\security trims and return results back to WFE:

  • Query Component - holds entire index or partition of an index
  • Property Store DB – holds metadata\properties of indexed content
  • Search Admin DB – holds Security Descriptors\Configuration data

    4. WFE displays search results to the user

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