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Notes Chapter 1 – Sharepoint 2010 Unleashead


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One of the most significant architectural changes in SharePoint 2010 is the change to a service application architecture from the shared services provider architecture of SharePoint 2007.

Content sources can now be divided among multiple index partitions

FAST Search has all of the improvements available with the native SharePoint 2010 search but adds additional features, such as thumbnail previews, click-through relevance, and automatic metadata tagging.

The space consumed within SharePoint content database is approximately 80 percent BLOB content, using RBS can have a significant effect on the size and maintenance of content databases.

SharePoint Search is security-trimmed, enabling users to see search results only from files to which they have access.

Several layers of security aren’t configured by default in a SharePoint farm, including transport security, storage-level encryption, or rights management.

A SharePoint environment provides two types of transport-level encryption. The first and most critical are Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates. These certificates protect the traffic

Between clients and the servers by encrypting the packets using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption. The second type of transport-level encryption useful for SharePoint 2010

Is IPsec encryption between servers in a SharePoint farm, such as between a SharePoint role server and the SQL Database server.

By default, SharePoint databases that store all content are not encrypted.

Microsoft provides for a SQL encryption option known as Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), which allows for the databases to be fully encrypted on the SQL server without the

Application a more effective application layer inspection utility such as those provided by Microsoft’s Forefront Edge line is ideal for securing a SharePoint 2010 environment. The two Microsoft Forefront Edge products include Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 and Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 2010.

Microsoft provides its own antivirus product for SharePoint, known as Microsoft Forefront Protection for SharePoint (FPS) 2010.

ULS is designed to stop logging if it percieves a disk space issue

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