martes, 17 de enero de 2012

SharePoint 2010 Inline Editing

Inline editing means we can edit and save the list item in the same line itself. You do not need to go to the editing page. In the same page view itself you will be able to edit the list item.

Just like ASP.NET grid provides the way of edit and then update by clicking edit button and then updating the record.

Well, now this was possible in MOSS 2007 as well, but it required little trick, but with SharePoint 2010, it is easy to do that.

In order to enable in line editing, which isn’t enabled on lists by default, firstly modify the default view by going to List Tools -> List -> Modify View

Modify View

Modify View

Then expand the Inline Editing option and select the ‘Allow inline editing‘ checkbox, then press OK to save the changes to the current view

Inline Editing

Now you have a new little icon on the far left side of the list view  as shown below, click on it and you can see the inline editing experience which is pretty cool actually!

Inline editing in action

Inline editing in action

You can see that you have access to drop downs, text fielsd and related links. Unfortunately for calendar controls looks like you can only enter in a text date and that you can’t have links to look up lists but I am sure that this might change in the RTM version.


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