lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

Protocolos usados en la estructura lógica de Sharepoint


[MS-WEBSS]: Webs Web Service Protocol:

[MS-ADMINS]: Administration Web Service Protocol:

[MS-SITESS]: Sites Web Service Protocol:

[MS-DWSS]: Document Workspace Web Service Protocol:

[MS-MEETS]: Meetings Web Services Protocol:

[MS-LISTSWS]: Lists Web Service Protocol:

[MS-FSSHTTP]: File Synchronization via SOAP over HTTP Protocol:

[MS-FPSE]: FrontPage Server Extensions Remote Protocol:

[MS-WEBDAVE]: Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning Error Extensions Protocol:

Algunos más útiles:

  • Manage Site Collections and Sites: MS-ADMINS, MS-WEBSS
  • Access to Lists, Forms, Views, Schema: MS-LISTSWS,
  • Outlook Sync: MS-OUTSPS, MS-STSSYN
  • Versioning MS-VERSS
  • Pluggable Authentication, Forms Based Authentication, Claims Authentication: MS-AUTHWS, MS-PEOPS, MS-OFBA, MS-CPSWS, MS-SPSTWS
  • Supports authoring Blogs, Slide Libraries, Picture Libraries: MS-METAWEB, MS-SLIDELI, MS-IMAGS
  • File Synchronization and Coauthoring: MS-FSSHTTP, MS-FSSHTTPB, MS-SHDACCWS
  • Support Content Import/Export: MS-SITESS, MS-CDEPLOY, MS-PRIMEPF
  • Workflow Integration and Group Approval: MS-WWSP, MS-EAWF
  • Web Page and Web Part  Customization: MS-WPPS, MS-CONATB
  • Supports Batch Requests: MS-CSOM, MS-CSOMSPT, MS-CSOMREST

Todos los protocolos de Sharpeoint:

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